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Taizhou pins high hopes on agricultural sector supply chain

LMS|Updated: April 6, 2023

To generate fresh impetus for the development of its agricultural sector, Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – recently rolled out a three-year scheme to boost the whole-process agricultural industry supply chain.

The supply chain is seen as an entire and interconnected ecosystem combining all the various procedures – involving research, production, processing, storage and marketing. These links are considered to be indispensable and develop in a coordinated way, adjusting to the whole ecosystem.

The scheme sets its focus on 12 major tasks – to be implemented in such fields as a systematic cold-chain logistics networks, digital development, leisure agritourism and rural e-commerce.

Under it, all Taizhou's county-level cities and districts are expected to do their utmost to develop agriculture in accordance with their local strengths.

With regards to leisure agritourism, the scheme will cover, among other things, folk culture, traditional craftsmanship and local food delicacies.

Under the scheme, by the end of 2025 the aggregate output value of the industry supply chain is projected to surge to 170 billion yuan ($24.71 billion).

Of that, production of high-quality cooking oil will contribute an estimated 50 billion yuan, seafood products another 50 billion yuan and large-scale livestock and poultry farming some 20 billion yuan. Elsewhere, health foods will contribute 20 billion yuan, green fruit and vegetables 20 billion yuan and leisure agritourism 10 billion yuan.

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