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40 livelihood projects highlighted in Taizhou city

LMS| Updated: January 23, 2024


A view of Fengcheng River Park in Taizhou city. [Photo/VCG]

The third plenary session of the sixth session of the Taizhou City People's Congress announced the livelihood projects for the year 2024 on Jan 20, totaling 40 items.

Here is a list of the projects:

1. Strengthen basic funeral services, construct eight public ash storage (burial) facilities and complete the renovation of the city funeral parlor's public facilities.

2. Upgrade six comprehensive homes for disabled people and standardize six designated rehabilitation institutions for disabled children.

3. Alleviate a shortage of parking difficulties by adding 2,000 public parking spaces and 4,000 shared parking spaces.

4. Improve the living and learning environment for unattended children by constructing 120 "Dream Houses".

5. Focus on serving key groups such as low-income families, the children of migrant workers and economically challenged left-behind children, organizing 150 "Green Sprout Public Welfare Summer Camps".

6. Enhance the living environment by renovating 45 old urban neighborhoods.

7. Promote the integration of ecological space and urban public life by creating six "Enjoyable Gardens" small green spaces and adding 87,000 square meters of new green space.

8. Maintain and enhance citizens' mental health by establishing 10 provincial-level mental disorder community rehabilitation service demonstration points.

9. Improve rural water environment by constructing 96 kilometers of ecological rivers and rehabilitating backbone rivers over 30 km.

10. Carry out comprehensive rural living environment improvements, constructing 105 "Harmonious and Beautiful Villages".

11. Eliminate potential risks by conducting safety assessments of 100 old residential elevators.

12. Safeguard women's health by achieving full coverage of human papillomavirus vaccination for 13-year-old female students.

13. Integrate village-level public service facilities and resources, renovating and upgrading 80 exemplary rural mutual aid and elderly care points.

14. Promote rural road accessibility by constructing more than 270 km of hardened roads.

15. Advance the toilet revolution by renovating and upgrading toilets for 60 villages and over 10,000 households.

16. Provide high-quality radio and television services for rural areas, building 19 smart radio and television towns (streets) and subsidizing 12,000 low-income rural households to watch cable TV.

17. Promote social governance of food safety through the "You Point, I Check" service activity with 800 batches.

18. Strengthen care and protection for minors by renovating and upgrading six provincial-level demonstration child protection workstations (Houses of Care).

19. Increase efforts in housing security by raising funds for the newly initiated construction of 19,000 units of affordable rental housing.

20. Enhance public sports and fitness facilities, building, renovating, or expanding six sports parks and squares and 30 km of fitness trails and opening 12 public sports venues for free or at a low cost.

21. Improve the inclusive childcare service system by adding 12 childcare institutions.

22. Optimize and upgrade 20 "Home Front" employment service stations, ensuring employment assistance for 1,500 difficult-to-employ individuals.

23. Improve the grassroots medical service system by renovating and upgrading six township health centers and community health service centers and adding four grassroots chronic disease screening and prevention centers.

24. Promote the improvement and safety upgrade of the rural road network and construct 281 km of new and renovated rural roads, 82 km of life protection projects and 71 dangerous bridges.

25. Enhance overall public internet coverage by adding 150 4G/5G signal coverage public underground spaces.

26. Provide centralized dining or meal delivery services for the elderly in urban communities, renovating and upgrading 30 community-based elderly meal assistance points.

27. Promote more inclusive and higher-quality employment by organizing 3,600 unemployed full-time general college graduates and 16-24 years old unemployed youths to participate in employment internships.

28. Help the elderly bridge the "digital divide" by conducting smartphone training for 30,000 people.

29. Enrich cultural activities for the public by organizing over 170 performances of "Bringing Plays to the Countryside" in economically weak rural towns and streets.

30. Ensure the safe operation of gas pipelines by renovating over 50 km of old pipelines and achieving full coverage of replacement of old rubber hoses for gas users.

31. Eliminate urban water accumulation risks by constructing 24 km of new or renovated stormwater pipe networks, as well as improve urban sewage collection rates by building or renovating 15 km of urban sewage pipe networks.

32. Fully implement financial aid policies by providing financial aid to over 40,000 economically disadvantaged students.

33. Reduce medical expenses for the elderly by providing free "Hand-in-Hand Sunset" elderly accidental injury insurance for specific populations aged 60 and above.

34. Support the employment of disabled individuals, achieving a net increase of over 700 jobs.

35. Focus on schools and scenic areas, placing 1,000 sets of simple lifesaving equipment in areas prone to drowning and conducting drowning prevention education for over 10,000 people.

36. Improve the multi-level medical security system by providing free "Jiangsu Medical Welfare Insurance No 1" insurance for low-income borderline households.

37. Enhance the quality and safety of trunk road travel by repairing 75 km of national and provincial trunk roads, including the Hailing section of the 231 provincial road.

38. Improve the level of public transportation services, constructing or renovating 50 bus platforms, optimizing 22 bus routes and retrofitting 100 aging buses.

39. Deepen the "Nourishing Hearts" action for young students, conducting psychological health assessments every semester.

40. Advance the "Save Nearby, Guardian on Campus" initiative, equipping primary and secondary schools with 195 automated external defibrillators, or AEDs.

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