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Taizhou offers free public transport during Spring Festival

LMS|Updated: February 8, 2024

Residents of Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – can enjoy free rides on urban buses during the Spring Festival, according to an announcement made by the municipal transportation bureau on Feb 7.

Free bus rides in the city area will be available on Feb 10-17. The free service covers all urban, rural and township buses within the city area –including Jiangyan district, but excluding chartered buses and Route 211.

In addition, some commercial parking lots in Xinghua, a county-level city administered by Taizhou, will temporarily offer free parking spaces to the public on Feb 9-17.

Here's the list of the free parking lots:

Dongfangnan First Road

Ruxue Street

Ruxue Street West

Fenghuang East Road

Fenghuang West Road

South Street

Jianshe Road parking lot

Jianshe Road

Yushi Road

West side of Fangxing community

Zhaoyang West Road

Zhaoyang Road

Banqiao Road

Sanshuiyuan parking lot

Eastern Commercial Building parking lot

Component Factory parking lot

Xinghua Bus Station parking lot

North side of Jiahong community parking lot

Chengnan Primary School parking lot

Northeast side parking lot of Maternal and Child Health Hospital

West side of Zhaozu Theater

Jiangzhe Square parking lot

Yanhe Road

Haichi Road Type 1

Haichi Road Type 2

Yudai Road

Baihuazhou Road

Lao Miao Jewelry

Huayuan East Road

Huayuan West Road

Huayuan Road Paving

Yingwu Middle Road

Qinggong Road parking lot

Longjinhe Vegetable Market

Gongjitai car parking area

Haide International parking lot

Elderly Hospital parking lot

Yingwu Middle Road parking lot

Yinfengqiao South parking lot

West side parking lot of Yexing Bridge

Xianggeli parking lot

Banqiao East parking lot

Meishi Street parking lot

Banqiao West Road parking lot

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