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Taizhou marks PLA Navy anniversary with special gathering

LMS| Updated: April 24, 2024

Taizhou marks PLA Navy anniversary with special gathering.png

A ceremony to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the PLA Navy is held in Taizhou on April 23. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]

The city of Taizhou in East China's Jiangsu province – known as the birthplace of the Chinese Navy and the mother city of navy personnel – recently welcomed a special group to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army Navy.

On April 23, officers and sailors of the cruiser Taizhou Ship gathered at the site of the navy's birthplace – the ancient Baima Temple. It was there that the Navy of the East China Military Region of the Chinese People's Liberation Army was announced on April 23 in 1949 at the temple in Taizhou's Gaogang district – where the command post of the Third Field Army for the Crossing-the-Yangtze-River Campaign was located.

Nearby to the temple stands the memorial hall of the birthplace of the PLA Navy, resembling a giant warship at sea. There, the former and current captains of one proud warship met unexpectedly.

"I specially brought my family from Qingdao yesterday to celebrate the 75th birthday of the People's Navy. It's really a coincidence to meet our first captain here," said Liu Rong, the sixth captain of the Qingdao Ship.

He joined up in 1992 and in his 28 years of naval career has visited 26 ports in 23 countries, witnessing the development and growth of the PLA Navy.

"Although this is my first time in Taizhou, I don't feel unfamiliar at all. As the mother city of navy men, Taizhou is the second hometown for all of us," said Fu Guosen, the first captain of the Qingdao Ship, as he carefully toured the historical materials and collections preserved in the memorial hall.

He exclaimed that after 75 years, from the banks of the Yangtze River to the deep blue sea, Taizhou will now surely create new and great miracles in the future.

Taizhou marks PLA Navy anniversary with special gathering2.png

Navy personnel attending the event pose for a group photo. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]

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