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Taizhou city plans raft of events for Dragon Boat Festival

LMS| Updated: June 6, 2024

To mark the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, Taizhou city in East China's Jiangsu province is getting ready to host over 200 cultural and tourism activities, including opera performances, heritage experiences and dragon boat races.

Festive activities in scenic areas

Taizhou city plans raft of events for Dragon Boat Festival.jpg

Residents of Taizhou make zongzi. [Photo by Zhang Huiying]

Scenic spots across Taizhou will stage festive activities. On June 10, the Fengcheng River scenic area will host a competition for making zongzi, or sticky rice dumplings competition and workshops for making herbal sachets.

On June 8-10, Daohe ancient street will offer free sachets, colorful threads and zongzi. There will also be the chance to wear hanfu – traditional Chinese clothing of the Han ethnic group. What's more, the Huaxiyunli scenic area will hold festival-themed educational activities on June 8.

Elsewhere, the Jiangyan Qinhu Lake scenic area will feature traditional customs and cultural heritage events.

The Xinghua Jindongmen scenic area and the Baziqiao cultural and tourism block will offer DIY workshops and a Jiangsu provincial dragon boat open competition will be held at the Taizhou water sports training center in Chenbao town, Xinghua.

Intangible cultural heritage experiences

Taizhou city plans raft of events for Dragon Boat Festival2.jpg

Boys check out some colorful figures at the heritage market in the Laogao Bridge area. [Photo by Zhang Huiying]

On June 8 -10, the Laogao Bridge area will host a market with heritage salons, craft workshops, outdoor movies and music.

Moreover, the 2024 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day main event will take place on June 11 at the Baziqiao cultural and tourism block. Adding to the fun, the Taizhou Cultural Museum and other venues will offer exhibitions and workshops on traditional crafts.

Opera performances

Opera performances are a key feature of the celebrations. On June 8-9, the Taizhou Huai Opera Troupe will perform at the Fengcheng River scenic area.

On June 8, the Meixiang Peking Opera Association will perform at the Meilanfang Memorial Hall and from June 6-9, Jingjiang city will host traditional Xi opera performances.

Throughout the festival, Taizhou's towns and villages will host cultural gatherings, as well as the observing of traditional customs and community activities, ensuring a great time for everybody.

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