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Young folks hang mugwort for Dragon Boat Festival

LMS| Updated: June 11, 2024

Well, did you prepare mugwort herbs for the recent Dragon Boat Festival? It's a tradition to hang mugwort during the festival to ward off evil and bring good luck.

Nowadays, young people are adding a modern twist to this tradition by creating trendy items like mugwort sachets.


Mugwort pendants go on display in a market. [Photo by Xue Ruwei]


In an agricultural market in Hailing district of East China's Taizhou city, a vendor helps a woman to select mugwort. [Photo by Xue Ruwei]


On June 6, the Huanxi community – in the Diaopu sub-district of the Taizhou Medical High-tech Zone, or the Gaogang district of Taizhou city, holds a series of activities, including making zongzi. The folks watch various performances, recite poetry, practice calligraphy and attend exhibitions to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. [Photo by Huo Rongkang and Wang Xinfeng]

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