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Taizhou city adds 11 new green spaces to public access list

LMS| Updated: July 8, 2024


A splendid overhead view of an open park in Taizhou city. [Photo/]

East China's Jiangsu province recently announced its second batch of public access green spaces, with Taizhou city adding 11 new sites.

These include Taishan park, the Nanguan River scenic belt, the Phoenix River scenic belt and Weiguang Road greenway.

In response to the growing demand for natural, recreational and fitness spaces, Jiangsu has been actively expanding its public green areas.

Last year, the province launched the Implementation Plan for the Pilot Work of Open and Shared Urban Parks and Green Spaces, designating 13 cities and 20 counties as provincial pilot areas.

In 2023, Jiangsu opened 585 green spaces, with Taizhou leading the province by opening 122 sites, covering about 550,000 square meters in total.

The new list features key projects like the Nanguan and Phoenix River scenic belts, which are deemed to be integral to Taizhou's "twin rivers encircling the city" initiative.

The Nanguan River scenic belt spans 38 hectares and stretches 10.6 kilometers on one side, with the Hailing section themed around the historical presence of notable officials in the ancient city.

The Phoenix River scenic belt connects the old Tongyang Canal and Zhoushan River, stretching about 5 km with 500,000 sq m of green space.


Green space abounds on either side of this road in Taizhou. [Photo/]

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