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Jiangyan district unveils plan to improve business ecosystem

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: February 23, 2024

The Jiangyan district of Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – held an important event on Feb 19, in the form of a conference on the optimization of its business environment and investment.


The gathering, now in its fourth year, underscores Jiangyan district's commitment to enhancing the local business environment. [Photo/mytaizhou.net]

During the event, the district unveiled the Jiangyan District Optimization of Business Environment 3.0, a comprehensive plan aimed at bolstering the local business landscape. The initiative included the establishment of the Yanshanghui digital intelligence pro-business platform, as well as measures to streamline government services approvals and boost intermediary services related to auditing.

Reflecting on the previous year's efforts, the district gathered feedback from over 5,000 market players and collected over 3,000 questionnaires.

The extensive research is expected to help directly influence policy formulation.

The new plan is said to not only retain key elements from previous versions, but also introduces new policies – such as relaxing residence registration conditions and launching 400 talent apartments to support young job seekers in Jiangyan.

Furthermore, the district is aiming to foster collaboration between enterprises, reduce operating costs and provide financial subsidies for qualified small and micro-enterprises and individual business households.

Additionally, the plan addresses specific challenges faced by businesses – proposing tailored solutions for environmental protection, land and financing.

Most notably, it establishes a district-level sewage discharge index reserve database, prioritizes major projects in the total amount of the sewage discharge index and refines the supply of industrial land.

The district also aims to channel more financial resources into the real economy, support businesses through lower guarantee fees and facilitate timely financial grants and incentives.

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