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Jingjiang Bell Tower

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 31, 2023


A glimpse of the Jingjiang Bell Tower, an ancient structure which evokes tranquility amid a bustling city. [Photo/xuexi.cn]

Built in 1569, the third year of the reign of Longqing Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Jingjiang Bell Tower has witnessed the vicissitudes of time and remains an evocative and must-see tourist destination in Jingjiang – a county-level city, administered by Taizhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province.

The structure is quadrangular in shape and consists of two floors. Because of its long-term exposure to wind, rain and sun, the initial bright colors have faded and left mottled marks on the ancient cedar wood.

Inside the bell tower, there is an inscribed stone monument and a bronze bell – occupying a revered space that is a corner of tranquility amid the hustle and bustle of the city.


The four Chinese characters inscribed on the bell literally mean "seasonable weather with gentle breeze and timely rain" in English – proffering people's exhortations for good weather for their crops. [Photo/xuexi.cn]

In 1993, the Jingjiang Bell Tower was listed as a key historical and cultural site under provincial-level protection.

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