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Life made easier for senior citizens in Jingjiang city

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: September 22, 2023

A certain cafeteria is the place to be for senior citizens in Lianqinyuan Community in the Chengjing Industrial Park – located in the county-level city of Jingjiang, administered by Taizhou in East China's Jiangsu province.

It serves up affordable and nutritious meals to grateful customers every day. The prices of four discount set menus range from 6-20 yuan ($0.82-$2.74) for lunch and dinner.

To make ordering easier for the residents, the cafeteria distributes the daily menu in advance through the community group, which allows folks  to plan their meals without hassle.

The cafeteria ensures the freshness and quality of meals by purchasing fresh ingredients daily. Staff follow a standardized process for purchasing, washing, cooking, cleaning, pre-dinner sampling and waste collection.

Seniors also have the option to dine in the cafeteria or take their meals home. For those with mobility issues, the community arranges for volunteers to deliver meals to their doorstep.

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Folks praise the cafeteria for offering delicious and affordable food. [Photo/WeChat ID: jingjiangfabu]

One regular visitor, 79-year-old Wang Jinfu, can always be found waiting at the cafeteria along with his pals. They gather around a table, gossip, watch TV and eagerly await their hot meals.

In addition, the community has distributed free meal cards worth a total of 57,900 yuan to various groups. These include low-income individuals, people with disabilities over the age of 60 and military personnel.

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