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New Times Shipbuilding's high-end project enters trial production

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 21, 2023


An interior view of New Times Shipbuilding Co Ltd's intelligent workshop in Jingjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. [Photo/WeChat ID: ZGJJKFQ]

The first phase of New Times Shipbuilding Co Ltd's high-end shipbuilding project was completed at the beginning of this year and has since been put into trial production.

Costing 1.75 billion yuan ($254.05 million) and covering 455 mu (30.33 hectares), the project is based in Jingjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone – a national development zone located in Taizhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province.

The planar segmentation workshop is 480 meters long and 52 meters wide, making it the largest single intelligent planar segmentation production workshop in China.

"In the past, the same unit area required nearly 300 workers, but now only 150 are needed, while the labor intensity of workers is also greatly reduced as the workshop is equipped with intelligent devices and the operating environment has been greatly improved," said Zhu Han'gang, the project's technical manager.

Aiming to become the best shipbuilding enterprise in China, New Times Shipbuilding Co Ltd plans to accelerate its digital transformation and develop a new production mode that integrates a digital shipyard with intelligent marine equipment, in a bid to boost its high-quality and sustainable development.

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