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Taixing city's Runtai Bridge set to be completed before 2024

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: December 6, 2023

The construction of the new Runtai Bridge in Taixing city – administered by Taizhou in East China's Jiangsu province – is entering its final stage and the entire structure is projected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Construction of the lower section of the bridge has been completed – and the main load-bearing supports, such as the steel pipe arch ribs, crossbeams and suspension rods in the upper part – have been installed.

The insertion of beams and slabs for the four carriageways has been completed, while the north-south interconnection of the bridge has also been paved with asphalt at the lower layer.

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Construction of the Runtai Bridge in Taixing gets underway. [Photo provided for chinadaily.com.cn]

Spanning the Rutai Canal, the total length of the bridge is 413 meters, with a main bridge width of 29.8m.

The project is being designed by the standards of urban secondary roads, with a design speed of 40 kilometers per hour. It includes a two-way four-lane road and two non-mixed pedestrian lanes, with a road surface of asphalt and a concrete sidewalk.

On completion and after opening to traffic, the efficiency of the transportation system is forecast to be demonstrably higher and the traffic flows in the urban area of Taixing are expected to be significantly smoother.

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