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Shenghong Group's Taizhou unit launches two new products

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: September 15, 2023

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A bird's-eye view of the plant being run by the Taizhou subsidiary of the Shenghong Group. [Photo/WeChat account: weigg6666]

Two key products developed by the Taizhou unit of Shenghong Group debuted at the 2nd China International Energy Storage Exhibition – held in Suzhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province, from Aug 28 to Sept 1.

Situated in the Taizhou Medical High-tech Zone in Taizhou city in Jiangsu, the Taizhou subsidiary operates the first mass-production plant in the Shenghong Group's energy storage division.

The first product is an ultra-large capacity 320Ah or amp hours lithium battery cell, with an energy density ranking that is said to lead the industry. The company says it has extremely high safety, with over 96 percent of energy efficiency and over 10,000 cycles.

The second item is a liquid-cooled container product using self-developed 320Ah battery cells, with a capacity of up to 4.26 megawatt hours.

It has advantages including high energy density, high security, high intelligence and a low temperature. It can be applied in energy storage scenarios, such as new energy distribution and storage, power grid transmissions and distribution.

During the exhibition, the Shenghong Group also signed cooperative agreements with four companies.

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