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Hailing district focuses on specialist health sector

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: February 13, 2023

Moving increasingly into the big health sector, the Hailing district of Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – has remained on track with its advanced, specialist industrial development.

One bright example of that is Jiangsu Jiyuan Medical Technology Co Ltd, located in the Hailing Industrial Park.

The company sees great potential in disposable endoscopes and has become the first enterprise in the world to be certified by both China and the United States in the field of disposable hysteroscopy.

An endoscope is a long, usually flexible tube with a lens at one end and a video camera at the other, allowing a doctor to inspect and observe the inside of the body without performing major surgery.

Disposable endoscopes are said to provide more benefits to patients in primary care, because many primary and private hospitals can not afford an endoscope costing 2 million yuan ($294,154).

Besides, sterilization of traditional endoscopes is a problem in clinical use, while disposable endoscopes can reduce the risk of cross-infection, said company director Zhang Yunfei.

Putting its money where its mouth is, the Hailing district government has invested 5 million yuan in an angel funding round – financing that allows startups to raise money from wealthy individuals before they secure funding from venture capitalists – to ease the financial pressures on the enterprise.

Elsewhere, Zhongjin Medical (Taizhou) is a medical rehabilitation equipment enterprise and its products use ergonomic mechanics to avoid second injuries for the disabled.

In May 2022, an experience center was established by the company, with health care products including nano hair washing instruments, nano warm therapies, nano foot therapies, hydrometers and hydrogen oxygen machines.


One of Zhongjin's health care products in the experience center. [Photo/WeChat account: weihailing0523]

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