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Hailing automotive company adopts intelligent monitoring system

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: August 8, 2023

The settlement of Boh-A Electric Vehicle Solutions (Taizhou) Co Ltd, located in Hailing district of Taizhou city in East China's Jiangsu province, has expanded the automotive parts industrial chain of Hailing.

Focusing on core components for new energy vehicle transmission motors, the company received a $30-million investment from Koa Automotive Co Ltd, a leading South Korean automotive company.

Notably, Boh-A Electric Vehicle Solutions (Taizhou) has the only advanced automatic injection molding assembly equipment for motor rotors in China, featuring high efficiency, a good performance, and high accuracy, according to Zhao Bing, an office director.

The company supplies top-tier manufacturers such as General Motors, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Tesla and Honda, Zhao said.

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The factory of Boh-A Electric Vehicle Solutions (Taizhou) Co Ltd boasts intelligent equipment. [Photo/WeChat account: weihailing0523]

Electric motors are the core components of new energy vehicles, meaning they play a key role in ensuring the safety of the vehicles' operations.

Zhao said that in order to ensure its products are all high quality, the company has introduced an intelligent management system for full-process quality and production monitoring, and users can accurately query the real-time and historical status of their products.

"The new equipment we have adopted this year has improved our production efficiency by 40 percent, and we expect to reach an annual production capacity of 4 million sets of electric motors soon," said Kang Haiguang, the company’s general director.

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