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Location advantages of Hailing Industrial Park

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: February 21, 2023

The nearest fast track and expressway are both within a 5-minute drive of the industrial park.

Boasting highly developed transportation architecture combined with air, rail, roads and waterways, transport inside and outside is very convenient.

· Along Taizhou-Zhenjiang Expressway to Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge (20 minutes)

· Along Qidong-Yangzhou Expressway to Hailing, north of Taizhou (5 minutes) and to Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport (30 minutes)

· Six airports are within an hour and a half drive of the park.

· Along the 231 Provincial Highway elevated fast-track trunk road to Taizhou Port and Taizhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone (20 minutes)

· Yongding fast-track trunk road leads to Jiangyan to the east and is connected to Yangtze Road to the west.

· Along Beijing-Taizhou Road to Taizhou Railway Station (5 minutes) and in the future to Taizhou Highway Station (5 minutes)

· The highway is connected to the Yangtze River to the north and Yancheng-Yixing High-speed Railway – which both broke ground in 2018 and which will run across this area.

· The old and new Nantong-Yangzhou Canal will run across this area.

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