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Taixing city posts golden results in consumer goods sector

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: December 31, 2023

Taixing city – administered by Taizhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province – was recently recognized as a demonstration city due to its top performance in the consumer goods industry.

Taixing's inclusion was said to be based on three leading industries – musical instrument manufacturing, agricultural and sideline food processing, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing.

As a result, it's become the only county-level city in the central and northern regions of Jiangsu to be listed in this group.

In particular, Huangqiao town in Taixing is one of the main export bases for musical instruments in China, now home to over 220 manufacturers and support suppliers.

Every year, over 700,000 violins are exported from Huangqiao town to nearly 90 countries and regions. Overall, the production from Huangqiao now accounts for 70 percent of China's and 30 percent of the world's total output of fiddles.

In terms of agricultural and sideline food processing, Taixing has formed industry supply chains for grain processing, livestock and poultry processing and fruit and vegetable processing. What's more, Taixing's agricultural and sideline food processing generated invoiced sales of 15.05 billion yuan ($2.10 billion) in 2022.


The Taixing modern agricultural industrial park conducts agricultural and sideline food processing. [Photo/WeChat account: txfabu]

In fact, Taixing's pharma manufacturing industry has formed an industrial layout led by Jumpcan Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd, with coordinated development of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, active pharma ingredients and medical devices.

As the only listed pharma group in Taizhou, Jumpcan has been rated as one of China's top 100 manufacturers in its field.

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