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Taixing firm marks landmark in supply of wind power sector

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: January 23, 2024

Huierxin Machinery (Taixing) Co Ltd – located in the Taixing Huangqiao Economic Development Zone in Taixing, in East China's Jiangsu province – held a rollout ceremony on Jan 18 for its 2,000th hub for wind turbines and its 199th cabin for units operating in the wind power sector.

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Huierxin Machinery (Taixing) Co Ltd holds a rollout ceremony on Jan 18. [Photo/Taixing Huangqiao Economic Development Zone via WeChat gh_07a864197818]

Focusing on the development of high-end equipment manufacturing technology in the wind power field, Huierxin Machinery (Taixing) has in recent years been promoting the new energy area, in response to the national strategy.

Its self-developed medium and large precision mechanical castings and complete sets of intelligent wind power equipment are widely used in wind power, industrial air conditioning, compressors, marine equipment and in petroleum drilling equipment fields.

In 2019, the company worked with Germany's Anderson Group in the research and assembly of wheel hubs, engine rooms and low-speed shafts, among other things.

Looking ahead, plans are for the company to target cutting-edge new materials, zero carbon negative carbon and other directions to boost its further development.

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An exterior view of the premises of Huierxin Machinery (Taixing) Co Ltd. [Photo/Taixing Huangqiao Economic Development Zone via WeChat gh_07a864197818]

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