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Lithium battery maker star employee leads way in Taixing

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: January 25, 2024

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Jiangsu Sunpower's Ye Jingjuan, director of the Party building department and planning department, cracks on with her work. [Photo/Taixing Huangqiao Economic Development Zone via WeChat]

Ye Jingjuan, director of the Party building department and planning department at lithium battery maker Jiangsu Sunpower – based in East China's Jiangsu province – is said to be consistently playing a pathfinding and exemplary role.

In her spare time, she hunts for information in relevant books and seeks advice from professional technical personnel. Through continuous efforts, the company's management system for products was quickly established in just a few months, laying the foundations for a smooth supply system for customers.

It's also understood she has led the implementation of planning and information construction of management systems such as enterprise resource planning, or ERP, and the Manufacturing Execution System, or MES. That's as well as company safety, environmental protection and occupational health work.

Moreover, Ye often goes deep into the living conditions of employees, helping them solve their difficulties. Many times, she's organized for employees to donate money to families in need.

Under her leadership, the company's labor union has actively participated in poverty alleviation and social welfare activities, donating over 100,000 yuan ($13,998) annually to beneficiaries.

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