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Jingjiang shipbuilder goes full out to produce LNG tankers

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: April 18, 2023

Jingjiang city-based New Times Shipbuilding Co Ltd is currently stepping up its construction of LNG-C type fuel tankers – in order to promote the early delivery of LNG dual-fuel vessels whose orders are in the pipeline.


This new LNG dual-fuel tanker is being finished off at New Times Shipbuilding Co Ltd's shipyard in Jingjiang. [Photo/WeChat ID: ZGJJKFQ]

The company is based in the Jingjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone – a national development zone located in Taizhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province.

LNG dual-fuel powered vessels are fast becoming the mainstay product of the company. Currently, the group has received orders for 23 LNG dual-fuel powered bulk carriers of 210,000 metric tons, with eight completed and delivered – making it the shipbuilder with the most vessels of the Newcastle type under construction in the world.

With 20 LNG dual-fuel container vessels also coming out in two types, it is also the shipbuilder with the most LNG dual-fuel powered vessels under construction in China.

Moreover, New Times Shipbuilding Co Ltd has invested 1.75 billion yuan ($250 million) to promote its digital transformation and improve its shipbuilding efficiency and a new intelligent workshop has been built, which has radically improved the group's productivity.

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