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Approval for a business in Taixing Economic Development Zone

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: February 14, 2023

Item 1: Name of company pre-approved to settle in the zone (Online application is allowed)

1: Authority: Market access approval department of the administrative approval bureau

2: Required documents: subject qualifications

1) Overseas investors (non-natural person): The subject qualification documents of an overseas investor shall be subject to notarization by the notary public in the country where the investor is located and also certified by the embassy (or consulate) of China in that country that has diplomatic ties with China. The documents issued by overseas territories of certain countries must be firstly notarized in such territories and then certified by the diplomatic organ of such countries and finally certified by the embassy (consulate) of China to the countries.

2) Overseas investors (natural person): For an overseas investor who is a natural person, he or she needs only provide the original of his/her passport with a visa issued by the embassy (consulate) of China and is exempt from offering notarization and authentication documents.

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