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Taizhou takes steps to bolster Belt & Road efforts

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: June 13, 2023

Authorities of Taizhou city in Jiangsu province recently issued several working points for promoting the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.

These points highlight key tasks in seven areas, including major project development, international connectivity, capacity cooperation, Silk Road trade, open platforms, cultural exchange, and service support.

Notably, the points emphasize the prompt implementation of the Taizhou project in the Sino-Arab capacity cooperation demonstration park. Runtai Chemical (Taixing) Co Ltd is one of the first domestic enterprises to invest in the demonstration park.

Additionally, two projects have been included in the provincial work task list for 2023. The first is the seventh Messengers of Silk Road events that promote the development of sports, economy, culture, ethnicity, and tourism. The second project is the 10th China (Taizhou) International High-Level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition that helps Taizhou enterprises go global through collaborations with higher vocational colleges and overseas institutions.

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