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Hailing district moves to improve people's livelihoods

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: April 30, 2023


A panoramic view of Hailing's Chengzhong sub-district. [Photo/WeChat account: weihailing0523]

Hailing district in Taizhou, East China's Jiangsu province, has set out development goals for the current year to improve the livelihood of local residents.

In terms of employment and entrepreneurship, Hailing will aim to help 7,800 people find jobs, assist 1,100 people to successfully start their businesses, and provide vocational skills training for 1,400 people.

The comprehensive improvement of 10 old streets will also be conducted, including Taijiu Road, Chenbei Road, and Jinshui Road. Hailing will promote the construction of 4,500 square meters of asphalt roads, 3,000 sq m of cement concrete pavement, and 1,500 meters of rain and sewage pipelines, as well as transform 3,200 sq m of foot paths.

A total of 810 LED street lamps will be installed to make it convenient for local residents to get around at night, covering 10 roads. The total length of the renovation is 21 kilometers.

In terms of car parking, Hailing will add 300 parking spots on sidewalks and 215 spaces at car parks. It will also aim to renovate old residential areas in 10 communities, improving rain and sewage facilities for 141 buildings, benefiting 4,241 households.

In terms of social benefits, Hailing will invest 1.01 million yuan to provide health supplement insurance for those in need, with 6,400 people benefiting from the insurance since Jan 1 of this year.

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