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Jiangyan zone tops 2023 high-quality development assessment

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: May 15, 2024

The prefecture-level city of Taizhou in East China's Jiangsu province on May 13 convened its 2023 annual high-quality development summary and the 2024 work advancement meeting.


Attendees get down to business, listening closely to a speech during the meeting. [Photo/www.taizhou.gov.cn]

The meeting underscored the importance of adhering to the mandates for the province's 2024 agenda, striving for an exceptional performance across all fronts, advancing the modernization of Taizhou and maintaining a leading position within the province.

During the meeting, the outcomes of the 2023 "three comparisons and one enhancement" special assessment were disclosed.

This assessment focused on key development zones in Taizhou comparing scale, efficiency, output benefits and the enhancement of core competitiveness.

The Jiangyan Economic Development Zone secured top spot in the A-grade category, highlighting the region's extremely impressive developmental achievements.

Looking ahead, the zone is committed to making sustained efforts to deliver more fruitful outcomes in its high-quality development.

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