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Development plan of Xinghua's industrial parks

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: December 9, 2022

The two provincial industrial parks in Xinghua, a county level city administered by Taizhou in Jiangsu, will focus on one or two pillar industries to foster industrial clusters valued at over 50 billion yuan ($7.16 billion).

Meanwhile, the three characteristic industrial parks will work to develop their specialty industries, while also scaling up and transforming themselves into meccas for SRDI (specialized, refinement, differential, innovation) industrial clusters.

The Xinghua Economic Development Zone will strive to become a national economic development zone and the Xinghua High-tech Zone will endeavor to grow into a first-class industrial park in Taizhou.


An aerial view of an industrial cluster serving the condiment industry at the Xinghua Economic Development Zone. [Photo provided to etaizhou.gov.cn]

The Xinghua Economic Development Zone will continue efforts to develop a local health food industry and tap into the condiment sector to build an innovative base for China's health food industry as well as the country's first and only condiment industry cluster. It will make the development of electronic information and new energy auto components a priority to expand the space for emerging industry growth.

兴化经济开发区园区风采 赵朝春 摄.jpg

A view of Xinghua Economic Development Zone. [Photo by Zhao Chaochun]

The Xinghua High-tech Zone will combine the steel resources of Dainan, Zhangguo and Maoshan towns to improve its innovation capability, further drive the development of the steel industry from relying on alloys to adopting higher-quality steel products and equipment. It will also foster an upgraded steel industry cluster and cultivate the industry for new materials.

Based on Zhouzhuang and Chenbao's industry foundation, the Chengnan industrial park (Zhouzhuang-Chenbao) will promote the development of precision casting, further the development of electronic components and electronic information, and nurture some "hidden champions" (small but highly successful companies) in the industrial chain for new materials.

The Chengdong industrial park (Daduo-Diduo) will push forward the transformation of the sports industry, upgrade the development of new packing materials and nonferrous metals, and deepen military-civilian integration.

Anfeng industrial park will step up its efforts to guide industries such as new building materials, textiles and key auto parts. It will also develop industrial chains, cultivate leading enterprises, promote both precision and non-traditional processing, and increase the products' added value.

Industrial Parks
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