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Industrial guarantees for health & beauty in Taixing EDZ

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: February 21, 2023

Spatial planning

1.   Land for industries is considered part of national spatial planning to ensure that space for industries is sufficient.

2.   Pursuing provincial land indicators for major projects is a top priority.

3.   Intervention in project settlement approvals will be conducted in advance and the scale of land usage is measured.

To meet the requirements of the project about 300 mu (20 hectares) of land will be allocated each year.

Scientific research platform

- Public research and development service platform

Together with Jiangnan University, we are jointly building a cosmetics testing center, cosmetic efficacy evaluation center and a detergent efficacy evaluation center.

Enterprise research and development service platform

1. JUMPCAN Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine and Characteristic Preparations for Paediatrics

2. Wuxi AppTec Research and Development Center

3. CoNat Engineering Research Center of Food Grade Phytosterols

4. BrightGene Pharmaceutical Novel Antifungal API Pneumocandins B0 Engineering Technology Research Center

Pollution control indicators

1. The measurement and approval of the residual quantity of pollution control is conducted.

2. The indicators are pursued actively while contacting the provincial department and Taizhou municipal government.

Every year, the implement indicator of COD is about 0.002t/a/mu (0.00013t/hm2), ammonia nitrogen 0.0002t/a/mu, total phosphorus 0.00002/a/mu. All these indicators meet project needs.

Energy consumption indicators

1. Energy-saving certification is carried out.

2. Pursuing energy-saving transactions outside Taizhou is taken into consideration.

The energy consumption target of about 70,000 tons is implemented every year to meet project demands.


1. Port Groups: Intensive efforts are being made to protect, develop and utilize the green corridor for Tianxingzhou Island and the Yangtze River.

2. Chengxing State Investment Corp: Funds are being invested in the Jiyang biological standard plant project, the circular economy industrial park project, etc.

3. Jinjiang Investment Co Ltd: Funds are being invested in a daily chemicals industrial park land development, a sewage treatment plant, in workshop customization, etc.

Existing industry enterprises with characteristics fostering new growth drivers (by 2022)

1. One enterprise exceeding 10 billion yuan in market value (JUMPCAN).

2. One enterprise exceeding 2 billion in market value (WuXi STA).

3. Four enterprises exceeding 1 billion yuan in market value (BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co Ltd, Taixing Yangzi Pharm Chemical Co Ltd, Jiangsu CoNat Biological Products Co Ltd, Jiangsu Hengrun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd).

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