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Guluotang cultural block

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: November 28, 2022


An overhead view of the Guluotang cultural block. [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]

The Guluotang cultural block, a national 4A-level tourist attraction – located in the north street of Jiangyan district, in Taizhou city in East China's Jiangsu province – is a marvelous precinct full of ancient buildings.


This side alley in the Guluotang cultural block is full of the hidden memories of a bygone era. [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]

The Jiangyan intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall in the Guluotang cultural block is an important public complex that showcases the rich local culture. Among its wonders on show are exhibits of Jiangyan dough sculptures, Qintong town's bricks and tiles, Jiangyan's gun xiang lian traditional dances and Xu's orthopedic treatments.


Tiles from the old homes in the Guluotang cultural block are exquisitely fashioned. [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]

To top it off, many famous people were former residents. There's the Wang's Ancestral Hall to visit and the memorial hall of Huang Longshi, a weiqi master in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).


The formidable exterior of the Wang's Ancestral Hall. This was the home of the family of Wang Gen, Wang Dong and Wang Bi, the founders and inheritors of the Taizhou school in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]

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