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Taizhou city's water scenic route draws in tourists

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: February 28, 2023

The Jiangsu Water Resources Department recently selected 15 new routes for the public to appreciate water scenic areas, including one particularly appealing route in Taizhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province.

The itinerary of the route covers a golden Qianduo rape flower field in Xinghua city, Qinhu Lake in Jiangyan district, Qiuxue Lake in the northeast of Taizhou's main urban area, Fengcheng River in Hailing district and Yinjiang River in Gaogang district.

The route – originating from the middle of Jiangsu province and leading to the banks of the Yangtze River – is much admired for its crystal lakes and charming water landscape. For those looking forwards to traveling along the route, here is a list of some stunning scenic spots:


The Xinghua Duotian Irrigation and Drainage System is recognized as a World Heritage Irrigation Structure, while the rape flower field there is always a great spot to enjoy spring. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]

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