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Popular Taizhou city products, services draw in tourists

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: September 28, 2023

Four leading tourist products and services in Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – were recently included on a list for popularity, new tourism scenarios, brand marketing and for model examples for boosting consumer spending.

The list was unveiled at this year's Grand Canal City Cultural and Tourism Consumption Forum – held in Suzhou city, Jiangsu – on Sept 22. A total of 50 tourism projects were on the list.


Lights glisten on the sidewalk after a rainfall, outside Dream Plaza. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]

The four entries from Taizhou were Dream Plaza in Huangqiao New Town, Taizhou zaocha or Taizhou breakfast tea, the Huaqiyunli scenic area and the Xinghua Cauliflower Festival in Qianduo town.

Dream Plaza, which opened in January 2022, is a commercial complex covering almost all kinds of tourist products and services – such as dining, accommodation, travel and sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.


A bird's-eye view of the Huaqiyunli scenic area. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]

The Huaqiyunli scenic area is located in a modern horticultural technology industry demonstration park.

With an exhibition area of 7,300 square meters, it combines the display of agricultural technologies and achievements, flower exhibitions, leisure farms and sightseeing. As a result, it's said to be an ideal destination for parent-child activities and study tours.


Visitors explore the glorious views to be had at the Cauliflower Festival in Qianduo town. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]

The Cauliflower Festival in Qianduo town made its debut in 2009. It has grown into a top tourism event and a leading brand for Jiangsu province. This year's event received more than 360,000 visitors.

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