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Taizhou zaocha becomes emerging industry cluster

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: May 12, 2023

The zaocha or early breakfast tea grown and produced in Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – with its long history and unique cultural significance, has now become a shining tourism symbol and an emerging industry cluster.

In recent years, the city has further enlarged the brand-driven effect of zaocha by integrating its cultural, commercial and tourism advantages through modern industrialization.

The Taizhou zaocha group has been established to focus on the heritage and development of the associated food culture, with zaocha industry management as its core concern.

The group has been devoted to promoting Chinese food culture, food research and the combination of the zaocha industry with commerce and tourism. As a result, Taizhou zaocha retail outlets have opened in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

In addition, an association was established to guide zaocha enterprises in the city to develop and strengthen together in terms of their technological innovation, quality control and competition.

To ensure the unique flavor of zaocha, Taizhou has formulated a standards system. It has developed and released five local standards for zaocha production techniques.


A selection of dishes that go with Taizhou early breakfast tea. [Photo/tznews.cn]


Chefs display the skills of cooking dishes that go with Taizhou zaocha. [Photo/tznews.cn]

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Taizhou zaocha becomes emerging industry cluster
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