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Taizhou's culture shows special charm during Spring Festival

etaizhou.gov.cn|Updated: February 21, 2024

During the recent Spring Festival, locals and tourists alike flocked to  intangible cultural heritage venues across Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – to experience the special appeal of the region's rich traditional culture.

A popular attraction was the Jiangsu Salt Tax Museum in downtown Taizhou, which handled an influx of kids and parents keen to explore and learn about it.

Amid the peaceful surrounds, the children could discover firsthand the historical relationship between salt and Taizhou's development, with everyone gaining cultural insights.

Elsewhere, the Daohe Ancient Street area, particularly the Chinese Ancient Well Museum, proved to be another popular hotspot, drawing crowds of visitors.

The museum displays water wells with different shapes from different dynasties, each bearing evocative traces of times gone by and hints of captivating stories of long ago.

Equally captivating was the Taixing Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, exhibiting 70 cultural treasures, including Zhangtou puppets. They're the stars of a traditional regional form of entertainment in China that involves manipulating wooden puppets with the help of sticks.

The puppets are hollow inside, with movable eyes and mouths. A wooden or bamboo rod is attached below the neck and performers use two control rods to manipulate the body, a technique referred to as "lifting the puppet".

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