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Taizhou city's tourism booms during May Day holiday

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: May 9, 2024

The city of Taizhou – which is situated in East China's Jiangsu province – handled a vibrant wave of tourism, as people from all corners of the country streamed in to see its attractions during the recent May Day holiday.

With over 800 special cultural and tourism events on hand – including bustling markets and great performances and exhibitions – the city welcomed a record-breaking 3.47 million visitors and generated 2.09 billion yuan ($289.21 million) in tourism revenue.

One standout attraction was Taizhou's morning tea, drawing folks from all over, with its diverse food and beverage offerings and picturesque settings. By extending their hours and introducing novel concepts like combining tea with garden visits or boat tours, local tea shops provided a very special experience against a backdrop of inviting traditional architecture and serene landscapes.


A mouthwatering tray of Taizhou morning tea awaits hungry diners. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

The city also buzzed with activities like thriving street markets, exciting cultural performances and outdoor events – enabling outsiders to savor local delicacies and to participate in various fun leisure activities such as camping and village tours.


Young women have a ball as they feed llamas at a campsite. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

Culture fans were treated to a range of prime performances, from classic Peking Opera to traditional folk music and modern dramas. To top it off, cultural venues offered hands-on experiences and educational programs, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Taizhou.


A lively folk dance gets the feet tapping of a large audience. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience was had by all, local authorities implemented rigorous safety measures across tourist sites and transportation services.

The result was there were no reported safety incidents and Taizhou's tourism market operated as smooth as silk and was orderly throughout the break.

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