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Taizhou intl tourism festival promoted in Nanjing

etaizhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 6, 2023

A promotions conference for the 13th Taizhou international tourism festival and the 2023 Qianduo rape flowers tourism festival, took place in Nanjing, capital city of East China's Jiangsu province, on March 1.

Xu Jing, deputy director of Taizhou culture, radio, television and tourism bureau unveiled the annual plan for the tourism festival in Taizhou this year.


Xu Jing explains the overall plan for the Taizhou tourism festival at the conference. [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]

Within a month, Taizhou will hold over 40 events like the Qintong Boat Festival that will be centered on customs, trade, health and culture. During the Qianduo rape flowers tourism festival, a series of events will be staged including reading activities and a cooking contest.

At the promotions conference, three videos and four new scenic routes were launched to showcase the distinctive and appealing charms and the regional characteristics of Taizhou.

At the event, to showcase the city's diversified cultural and tourism exhibition sector, official inheritors of intangible cultural heritage items attracted the attention of visitors by displaying exquisite handicrafts – including miniature sculptures and Jiangyan dough figurines.

To top it off, Zhu Qing – a national second-class actress – performed an excerpt from the Mu Guiying Guashuai (Mu Guiying Assumes Her Generalship), a renowned Peking Opera concerning an ancient woman warrior.

Lu Aiqin, another inheritor, performed Maoshan haozi – a style of folk song – to entertain people with Taizhou's culture.


A performer of Mu Guiying, a legendary Song Dynasty (960-1279) heroine, who was also a female general who fought against the invasion of the northern enemy, the Liao. [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]

Spurred by the favorable policies of the Taizhou government, travel agencies in Nanjing are moving to expand their cooperation with Taizhou. At the conference, three Nanjing-based travelling enterprises signed agreements with Taizhou-based tourism bodies.

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